New Year’s Resolutions that I find hearty and realistic

I told myself I wouldn’t do this. Because I don’t like letting myself down. I don’t like fads. I don’t like deadlines. I don’t like pressure.

I more so enjoy just randomly accomplishing goals and then being happy for each separate instance than to confine myself with unnecessary pressure to do things on top of the daily things I already have to do. I’m busy. I need all the mental calm I can get.

Aside from that I believe- I know, we are constantly evolving. There are changes we may want from ourselves that will only come from the concoction of time, practice, random chance and/or experience. We can’t demand certain things from ourselves or from anyone else by certain days and times we find convenient. I mean we can try of course, which is all we do our entire lives, but I’m just saying- I acknowledge that’s just not the way it goes down. Sometimes I don’t trust myself or my schedule or my energy so much- I trust the universe. That’s okay I think. Sometimes that’s okay.

But I can’t help but look at this fresh calendar year and have the human urge to plan. To know what I’m getting into. What I’d like to get into. What I would like to complete, or just do more often. Things I could incorporate into my life to take better care of myself than I did the last calendar year.

No pressure, though.

So my list isn’t a, “lose 10 pounds before February 8th.” Or “get a perfect 4.0 my first semester of college” or anything like that. Those would be ideal, but truthfully those sort of goals only hover over you. That’s not what I’m going for this time around.

I want to just sort of implement good habits that will naturally help my body get to a place where I like what I see. Good habits that will naturally help me get back into a school brain and be efficient in my studies. Introduce positive and creative thought processes that will help me be more inspired, confident and proactive in my life. It’s not so much the results I’m zoning on but just the techniques I use to achieve results. The root of my efforts. I want to water those roots. If I do, better things will come of them. It’s an, inside out type of year.

So no measurements, no due bys’, no minimum or maximums. No superficial goals.

This is what I’ve come up with. like anyone else I’d like to take care of my body, my mind, and my soul. I want to create successes in my personal, educational and professional life. 


  • everyday I want to be active. If the weather permits, I want to go on a walk with my baby. If it doesn’t, we’ll stay inside and have a dance party. Mama has to do sit ups in her dance routine though, if she ever wants to see her belly change. Also- squats are a good dance move. We’ll do some of those too. This is a daily aim. Even if it’s just a few before the busy day’s over.
  • I want to drink more water. I want to use one of my reusable bottles in the kitchen cupboard and fill it with ice water and finish it multiple times a day. Even if I have to add lemon wedges or tea bags when I’m being picky. My skin needs water, My digestive system needs water, my livelihood is water. Fill ‘er up.
  • I want to have less fast food, processed food and dairy. I intend on cooking more often. Even if it’s just tossing some chicken in the oven with some greens. It’s better than a burger and fries, half a bag of chips, etc. Introducing myself to more healthy snacks such as nuts, seeds, dried fruits, granola, fresh fruits and veggies etc.Helping my taste buds adapt to healthier treats and cravings. Where I have the most milk intake currently is in my coffee. I am an iced coffee addict. More and more often I will substitute coconut, almond and soy milks until I find my fave. Then I will drop dairy milk from the equation. I will be proactive in searching for dairy free recipes, or just “vegan” to be on the general healthier side. I know there’s good stuff. Pinterest is bursting with it and I’m ready to health up my “Yum” board.

in doing above things, I know I will begin to feel physically better.


  • I will use a planner for my work schedule, key days etc. I have already started doing this. So far, it has helped my anxiety to write down my work schedule and appointments there rather than only in my phone. Cause we all know iPhone calendars be playing games. I keep my planner and a pen always on hand. So far this has been positive to my organization.
  • I will make daily goals no matter how teensy tiny, I will give myself the satisfaction of completing a couple tasks each day that are beneficial to myself and my family.
  • I will nurture my hobbies and creative outlets. I will make time for me. I will never tell myself to “grow out of” drawing, painting, playing with makeup or writing. I will embrace my imagination and use these activities as healthy outlets to express and enjoy myself.
  • I will play with my son. Not that I need a reminder, but I forget that when I play with the little guy, I have fun too. It’s learning for him, and good times for the both of us. May I never forget that play is important.
  • I will spend time with the people I love. Because a hug is better than a ‘like’ any day. I will also remember to love myself, and that I don’t need everyone to love me.
  • I will find and create positive affirmations to help steer my mind to a better place each day. In doing this, I will increase my capability and my positiveness. I will try and make my mind a sunny resourceful place as often as I can.
  • I will say no when I know I am passively agreeing to overwhelm myself. Which I have a history of. I will calm my anxiety in knowing there will be other opportunities, I will be forgiven, I will get to it all.
  • I will approach my goals with a consciously confident outlook no matter how big they are. ‘Cause I’ve had some big ideas lately. I will kick fears butt. I will try, try again.
  • I will minimize physical and emotional clutter by letting go, by asking myself what is valuable and what is not and to be conscious in the way I rid of things. To clean out my closet and stop buying cheap clothes just because they are trendy for this five minute increment and they create clothing waste because they are virtually un-reusable. To have less stuff. I don’t use a ton of stuff so I have no good reason to have such a mess of it. To take the spring cleaning into my head and heart and dust off those less than happy memories I return to because anxiety-anxiety-anxiety. Letting go is very key this year. Time to clear the cache and whatever I can to keep it clear as possible.

In doing above things, I will feel emotionally and mentally more strong, balanced and joyful.

To create success in my life,

  • I will make time for my friends, I will put myself out there to making new mama friends IRL (in real life) and do play dates so Benjamin can get in on the fun. I would love to go to a baby and me class. Will be researching for local stuff like that. Giving Ben and I that one day a week to hang out ’cause we just deserve it.
  • I will nurture my romantic relationship by being a better listener, practicing better patience and understanding, showing my love and support on the outside and more often, and finding ways to make ordinary moments extraordinary. May I never forget my man is half my family and my whole heart. I will always be searching for ways to make time for us.
  • I will text and call and visit my family more often. The hour and a half drive is enough distance. I will do my best to keep us squeezed close otherwise. To remind them I love them just as hard every single day from wherever I’m at.
  • I will be attentive to my blog not just because I love it and I love my readers but because it has potential. There’s no limit to how it could grow. I will give it what I’ve got and get more young women and mothers to it if they’ll find enjoyment in it. I will embrace this idea of entrepreneurship and know this is something I can be successful at.
  • I will take school seriously and I will organize study times, use my planner and ask for help when I need it. Ya girl is bad at math. but. not. for. long. This one is harder because I haven’t started school just yet. Will be coming back to this.
  • I will actively get outside of my comfort zones at work in order to grow myself and be myself. Watch out social anxiety, you’re going down. To always do more than the bare minimum, because that’s a nasty habit that will continue to bleed over other places in my life. To become an expert at whatever I do, good day or bad day-to try and try again.

in doing above things, I see myself being more successful in my personal, educational and professional life.

Of course I will add more as I go, I will learn, there are plenty of days to be had this year, 365 to be exact- I’m just saying I will try to make the best of each of them.

I hope some of these are things you can take with you or pass along to help us all be the best versions of ourselves this year. xo





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