Me? I’m just like you. Except, I have a kid.

I come from the generation that is declaring no children, that’s fighting the outdated systematic current and just trying to find a place in the world. I am apart of the unbound and the creative.

However here I am, apparently destined to be a mother anyway. Some days, I feel I am a kid with a kid. But- my heart is overflowing and I have accepted the unexpected. Maybe you have a little one too, and I’m here, my blog is here- to let you know on the hard days, the good days, the what the hell is going on days- I feel ya. I’ve been there too.

I’m writing this maybe for your guidance, although I wouldn’t take ALL of my advice. You’ve got to understand- I’m a humble beginner; Trusting the universe and whatever my best is. Perhaps this just serves your entertainment, which is much more likely the case. And possibly I’m writing this blog simply to salvage my sanity- which is truthfully entirely the case.

Keep me company along my journey of life and new motherhood- from whatever I to cook, craft or say to what I truly, madly, deeply love- to what I don’t love at all, continuing my education, going to work and just ‘making it work’, to whatever survival humor I slide inbetween.

MUAH! Thank you and Enjoy.

-Katrisha Rose

3 thoughts on ““About”

  1. ARPrice says:

    So many great points in this post. It reminds me of a young writer named Alex Elle. She posts regularly on IG about being a young woman/mother and making self care a daily practice. You should definitely check her out!

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  2. howtoaddict says:

    When I was a kid, I looked at my parents always thinking they have everything under control. Only now, looking back, I understand how much of what they did was not planned and – courageous. They also had big dreams, this and that, but in the end – here they were with their children, improvising and just trying to do the best they can.

    I love what you are doing here and your writing is pretty good. Excited to read and follow your blogging journey!

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